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What's New? (Aug 8, 2000)
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Michael Coley's Photo Gallery - Israel - Who's Who


Here's our group picture:
(Back Row) Pastor Brad Smith, Pastor Daryl Jeffers, Sam Storer, Tom Smith, Leonard Reeves, Debbie Paulik, Ted Shank, Jack Paulik, Mark George, and Svi Gafni (guide).
(Middle Row) Erma Nicol, Janet Jeffers, Elinor Smith, Arvilla Shank, Dorothy Hall, Audrey Blackburn, Janet Lynch, and Helen Allison.
(Front Row) Pastor Doug McCord, Michael Coley (me), Patty Reeves, Susan Storer, Barbara McCord, Linda Hall, Dorothy Walker, Loretta Hugar, and Patti George.

That's Jerusalem in the background.

Our guide, Svi.


Our driver, Lazor, and our guide, Svi.

Our tour bus.


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