[an error occurred while processing this directive] Joe and Paul entered a bar and everyone at the bar said, "Hi Joe, Hey Joe, How ya Doin' Joe."

Paul said, "What are you a regular here, Joe?"

Joe answered, "No, it's just that everyone knows me."

"Whaddya mean everyone knows you?" said Paul.

"I mean everyone in the world knows me," replied Joe.

"Everyone in the world can't know you!" said Paul.

"They do, and you know, I am even good friends with the Pope," replied Joe.

"There ain't no way everyone knows you, and there ain't no way you know the Pope," answered Paul.

"I am, and I will bet you a thousand bucks to prove it!" said Joe.

"You're on!" replied Paul.

Off they went to Vatican City. Once they got there, they walked across Basilica Square where they got split up by the enormous crowd. A few minutes later, Paul looked up at the balcony and saw Joe hugging the Pope!

Joe asked the Pope to come down to the square and meet Paul to settle his wager. When they get down to the square, Paul was laying on the ground, passed out. Joe woke Paul up and said, "You must have fainted when you saw me hugging the Pope."

"No," replied Paul, "I passed out when this guy next to me tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “Who's the guy with the pointy hat hugging Joe?" [an error occurred while processing this directive]