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What's New? (Aug 8, 2000)
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Michael Coley's Photo Gallery - Mac

[Mac With Bone]

Mac likes his bones. Here he is with a leg bone off a steer.

Mac looks forward to his weekly ride. Every Saturday, Charlie takes him for a ride out to the country, where Mac runs for about an hour. Here he is in the van, seeming to ask "Papa, when do we get to go?"

[Mac In Van]
[Mac in Chair]

Whenever someone gets up from their chair, Mac is quick to hop up into it. Thanks to this, he's acquired the nickname of "turkey." Here he is, with a guilty look on his face, after taking my mom's chair.

Even though he weighs close to 100 pounds, Mac thinks that he is a lap dog. Whenever he feels that Charlie is ignoring him (for instance, when he reads the paper or tries to watch TV), Mac jumps up in his lap.

[Mac on Charlie]
[Mac on Mom]

He's still a lap dog. Here he is standing on my mom's lap (I think). It's much better when he gets on your lap from the front, rather than by jumping over the back of the chair.

Every week, Mac gets a new toy. If my mom returns from Wal-Mart without a toy for Mac, he'll choose his own toy out of the bags. Here's his "toy basket" full of his favorite toys. The big bone (about 3 foot) was a Christmas present several years ago. He just about tore the walls down running through the house with it, until he learned to tilt his head when he goes through the doors.

[Macs Toys]
[Charlie with Bone]

Don't you just hate it when something captures you on film trying to teach a dog to pick up a bone? :) Here's Charlie showing Mac what he should do with the bone.

Here's Mac with Dino, probably his favorite toy.

[Mac with Dino]
[Mac with Pig]

Here's Mac with another of his favorite toys, a singing pig. Squeeze it's hand and it oinks "Old McDonald had a farm..."

At Christmas-time, Mac wears a set of antlers. Usually not for more than about 5 minutes, though... They're cute, but they don't fool the cats. They still know he's a dog.

[Mac the Raindeer]
[Mac Marks the Spot]

Here's Mac doing what he does best...

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