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52 Week Bible Reading Plan

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Here's the Bible reading plan that I use. Each day of the week, I read anywhere from one to six chapters out of a different part of the Bible. Each week, I cover one or more chapters out of each major area of the Bible. But, by switching areas daily, I don't get bogged down several days or weeks on an area that I might not currently find as interesting. I made this plan up myself, after _failing_ at my annual goal of reading through the Bible _every_ year. It has worked well for me for six years and counting!

Looking for a printable copy of the plan? Here's one in Adobe Acrobat format:

The Law
1Romans 1-2 Genesis 1-3Joshua 1-5Psalms 1-2Job 1-2Isaiah 1-6Matthew 1-2
2Romans 3-4Genesis 4-7Joshua 6-10Psalms 3-5Job 3-4Isaiah 7-11Matthew 3-4
3Romans 5-6Genesis 8-11Joshua 11-15Psalms 6-8Job 5-6Isaiah 12-17Matthew 5-7
4Romans 7-8Genesis 12-15Joshua 16-20Psalms 9-11Job 7-8Isaiah 18-22Matthew 8-10
5Romans 9-10Genesis 16-19Joshua 21-24Psalms 12-14Job 9-10Isaiah 23-28Matthew 11-13
6Romans 11-12Genesis 20-23Judges 1-6Psalms 15-17Job 11-12Isaiah 29-33Matthew 14-16
7Romans 13-14Genesis 24-27Judges 7-11 Psalms 18-20Job 13-14Isaiah 34-39Matthew 17-19
8Romans 15-16Genesis 28-31Judges 12-16Psalms 21-23Job 15-16Isaiah 40-44Matthew 20-22
9I Corinthians 1-2Genesis 32-35Judges 17-21Psalms 24-26Job 17-18Isaiah 45-50Matthew 23-25
10I Corinthians 3-4Genesis 36-39RuthPsalms 27-29Job 19-20Isaiah 51-55Matthew 26-28
11I Corinthians 5-6Genesis 40-43I Samuel 1-5Psalms 30-32Job 21-22Isaiah 56-61Mark 1-2
12I Corinthians 7-8Genesis 44-47I Samuel 6-10Psalms 33-35Job 23-24Isaiah 62-66Mark 3-4
13I Corinthians 9-10Genesis 48-50I Samuel 11-15Psalms 36-38Job 25-26Jeremiah 1-6Mark 5-6
14I Corinthians 11-12Exodus 1-4I Samuel 16-20Psalms 39-41Job 27-28Jeremiah 7-11Mark 7-8
15I Corinthians 13-14Exodus 5-8I Samuel 21-25Psalms 42-44Job 29-30Jeremiah 12-16Mark 9-10
16I Corinthians 15-16Exodus 9-12I Samuel 26-31Psalms 45-47Job 31-32Jeremiah 17-21Mark 11-12
17II Corinthians 1-3Exodus 13-16II Samuel 1-4Psalms 48-50Job 33-34Jeremiah 22-26Mark 13-14
18II Corinthians 4-5Exodus 17-20II Samuel 5-9Psalms 51-53Job 35-36Jeremiah 27-31Mark 15-16
19II Corinthians 6-8Exodus 21-24II Samuel 10-14Psalms 54-56Job 37-38Jeremiah 32-36Luke 1-2
20II Corinthians 9-10Exodus 25-28II Samuel 15-19Psalms 57-59Job 39-40Jeremiah 37-41Luke 3-4
21II Corinthians 11-13Exodus 29-32II Samuel 20-24Psalms 60-62Job 41-42Jeremiah 42-46Luke 5-6
22Galatians 1-3Exodus 33-36I Kings 1-4Psalms 63-65Proverbs 1Jeremiah 47-52Luke 7-8
23Galatians 4-6Exodus 37-40I Kings 5-9Psalms 66-68Proverbs 2-3LamentationsLuke 9-10
24Ephesians 1-3Leviticus 1-3I Kings 10-13Psalms 69-71Proverbs 4Ezekiel 1-6Luke 11-12
25Ephesians 4-6Leviticus 4-6I Kings 14-18Psalms 72-74Proverbs 5-6Ezekiel 7-12Luke 13-14
26Philippians 1-2Leviticus 7-9I Kings 19-22Psalms 75-77Proverbs 7Ezekiel 13-18Luke 15-16
27Philippians 3-4Leviticus 10-12II Kings 1-5Psalms 78-80Proverbs 8-9Ezekiel 19-24Luke 17-18
28Colossians 1-2Leviticus 13-15II Kings 6-10Psalms 81-83Proverbs 10Ezekiel 25-30Luke 19-20
29Colossians 3-4Leviticus 16-18II Kings 11-15Psalms 84-86Proverbs 11-12Ezekiel 31-36Luke 21-22
30I Thessalonians 1-3Leviticus 19-21II Kings 16-20Psalms 87-89Proverbs 13Ezekiel 37-42Luke 23-24
31I Thessalonians 4-5Leviticus 22-24II Kings 21-25Psalms 90-92Proverbs 14-15Ezekiel 43-48John 1-2
32II ThessaloniansLeviticus 25-27I Chronicles 1-4Psalms 93-95Proverbs 16Daniel 1-6John 3-4
33I Timothy 1-3Numbers 1-4I Chronicles 5-9Psalms 96-98Proverbs 17-18Daniel 7-12John 5-6
34I Timothy 4-6Numbers 5-8I Chronicles 10-14Psalms 99-101Proverbs 19Hosea 1-7John 7-9
35II Timothy 1-2Numbers 9-12I Chronicles 15-19Psalms 102-104Proverbs 20-21Hosea 8-14John 10-12
36II Timothy 3-4Numbers 13-16I Chronicles 20-24Psalms 105-107Proverbs 22JoelJohn 13-15
37TitusNumbers 17-20I Chronicles 25-29Psalms 108-110Proverbs 23-24Amos 1-4John 16-18
38PhilemonNumbers 21-24II Chronicles 1-5Psalms 111-113Proverbs 25Amos 5-9John 19-21
39Hebrews 1-4Numbers 25-28II Chronicles 6-10Psalms 114-116Proverbs 26-27ObadiahActs 1-2
40Hebrews 5-7Numbers 29-32II Chronicles 11-15Psalms 117-118Proverbs 28JonahActs 3-4
41Hebrews 8-10Numbers 33-36II Chronicles 16-20Psalms 119Proverbs 29-30MicahActs 5-6
42Hebrews 11-13Deuteronomy 1-3II Chronicles 21-24Psalms 120-121Proverbs 31NahumActs 7-8
43James 1-3Deuteronomy 4-6II Chronicles 25-28Psalms 122-124Ecclesiastes 1-2HabakkukActs 9-10
44James 4-5Deuteronomy 7-9II Chronicles 29-32Psalms 125-127Ecclesiastes 3-4ZephaniahActs 11-12
45I Peter 1-3Deuteronomy 10-12II Chronicles 33-36Psalms 128-130Ecclesiastes 5-6HaggaiActs 13-14
46I Peter 4-5Deuteronomy 13-15Ezra 1-5Psalms 131-133Ecclesiastes 7-8Zechariah 1-7Acts 15-16
47II PeterDeuteronomy 16-19Ezra 6-10Psalms 134-136Ecclesiastes 9-10Zechariah 8-14Acts 17-18
48I John 1-3Deuteronomy 20-22Nehemiah 1-4Psalms 137-139Ecclesiastes 11-12MalachiActs 19-20
49I John 4-5Deuteronomy 23-25Nehemiah 5-9Psalms 140-142Song of Solomon 1-2Revelation 1-6Acts 21-22
50II JohnDeuteronomy 26-28Nehemiah 10-13Psalms 143-145Song of Solomon 3-4Revelation 7-11Acts 23-24
51III JohnDeuteronomy 29-31Esther 1-5Psalms 146-148Song of Solomon 5-6Revelation 12-17Acts 25-26
52JudeDeuteronomy 32-34Esther 6-10Psalms 149-150Song of Solomon 7-8Revelation 18-22Acts 27-28